American Farm to Table with a French Accent



OPERAS Sweet Basket
Warm Croissant and Brioche (3pieces)
House-Made Preserves, Sweet Butter  9

Eggs * Benedict Tartine
Rosemary Artisan Bread, Ham, Organic Eggs* Hollandaise*, Red Bliss Breadfast
Potatoes  12

Buttermilk Pancakes Stack (3)
Canadian Maple Syrup, Butter, Fresh Fruit Compote  9

Warm Brioche French Toast
Almond Pastry Cream Stuffed, Canadian Maple Syrup  9

Farmer's Market Omelet
Ham, Nueske Bacon Lardon Seasonal Veggies, Mushrooms, Herbs,
Cheese, Mixed Green Salad Red Bliss Breakfast Potatoes  12

OPERA Home Made Croissant
& Nueske Bacon topped with Gravy
Topped with One Organic Egg Over Easy
Red Bliss Breakfast Potatoes  13

Saturday - Sunday 10am - 2pm

Mushroom Frittata  V  GF
Cascadian Seasonal Mushrooms, Pecorino Parmesan, Greens,
Chive Creme Fraiche, Farm Mixed Greens Salad  11

Croque Monsieur
(Monsieur Grilled Cheese)
Gruyere Cheese, Ham Bechamel Sauce,
Artisan Bread, Farm Mixed Greens Salad  11

Croque Madame
Croque Monsieur, Topped with one
Organic Over-Easy Egg*  12

Nevermind's Press Burger*
Grass-Fed Beef, Home-Made BBQ,
Aged American Cheese, Red Bliss Breakfast Potatoes  12

Leo Trio
One Egg Bennedict Tartine, One Bioche French Toast,
One Smoked Salmon Tartine  16

Vegan Scramble  V  GF
Local Farms Squash, Tomato, Polenta, Fresh Basil,
Garlic and Saffron Aioli, Red Bliss Breakfast Potatoes  10

Farm-to-Table with a French Twist
Monday through Friday 4pm - 6pm
Saturday 2pm - 6pm
Friday and Saturday 9pm - to close

Pacific Oysters* Shooter
Virgin 2.95    Mezcal or Vodka Bloody  6

Oysters (Seasonal), Mignonette  2.95 ea

Petite Cheese Plate
Farmstead & Imported Cheeses, Pickled Veggies, Artisan Bread,  5

Petite Charcuterie Plate
House Made Country Pate, Cured Meat, Pickled Veggies, Artisan Bread,  5

Beef Bourguignon Burger  12
Bioche Bun, EAT Truffle Fries

Poutine Fries Topped with Duck Confit  5

Nevermind's Cheese Press Burger*
Brioche Bun, EAT FRIES, House BBQ Sauce  12

Savory Clams Mariniere*  5
Shallots, White Wine, Garlic, Toasted Bread

Rad's Portobello Fries
Saffron Aioli  6

Parisian Croque Monsieur Bites
Gruyere Cheese, Ham, Bechamel  6

Chicken Wings Coq Au Vin
Blueberries, Pearl onions, Demi, Artisan Bread  6

Toasted Almonds & Olives*  5

$1 off EAT's House Red & White Wine by the Glass
Draft Beers & Well Drinks


Classic Bloody Mary
Tomato Juice, EAT House Vodka
Pickled Veggies, Spices 9

Bloody Caesar
Clam Juice, Tomato & Vegetable Juices
Celery, Lime, Vodka 9

Red Kiss
Add the Complimentary Flavors of Bombay Gin
to the Classic 'Mary' 8

Fresh-Squeezed Mimosa
1/2 Fresh-Squeezed OJ
Sparkling Cava Wine 8

Frenchy 75
London Dry Gin, House-Made Simple Syrup
Sparkling Wine 9

Espresso Martini
House-Made Vanilla Vodka, Fresh Espresso
Kahlua, Bailey's Irish Crème 10

--------Bottom Less-------
   Prosecco Mimosa or Bloody Mary 16


EAT Chocolate Chip Cookie
Warm, Home-Made Cacao Barry
Chocolate Chip Cookie  3 Local Vanilla Ice Cream  3

Vanilla Creme Brulee  8

Reversed  Summer Profiterole
Choux Puff, 75% Coca Barry Chocolate Mouse
Chilled Vanilla Creme Anglaise  9

Seasonal Cobbler 8
Add Local Vanilla Ice Cream  3

Seasonal Fruit Tarte
Berry Coulis  8

EAT Float (Affagato)
Local Vanilla Ice Cream
Pisa Hazelnut-Pistachio-Almond Liqueur
Fresh Espresso  9

Opera Pastry
Selection of the Day
Berry Coulis  7

French Macaron Assortment (5)  12

Split Plate Charge $2
Farmers and Chefs Working together…This is our Journey
Vegetarian Option V  Gluten Free GF
18% service charge:100 % of these funds are distributed to our team in the form of wages, sales commissions, benefits and revenue share
Thank you for dining with us, we appreciate it.  

Split Plate Charge $2
Farmers and Chefs Working together…This is our Journey
Vegetarian Option V  Gluten Free GF
18% service charge:100 % of these funds are distributed to our team in the form of wages, sales commissions, benefits and revenue share.
Thank you for dining with us, we appreciate it.  


Freshly Ground Drip Coffee $2.75
Espresso, Americano $4.00
Capuccino, Latte $4.50
French Press Single Serve $4.00
French Press for Two $7.00
Organic Choice Teas $3.50
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice $4.00
Thomas Kemper Root Beer $3.50
Cock 'n Bull Ginger Beer $3.50
San Pelligrino, Acqua Panna
Perrier or Badoit $4.00




Steak* Frites  GV
Grilled Manger Steak*, Bearnaise Sauce, EAT Truffle Fries,
and Market Salad  22

Roasted Lamb Stuffed Heirloom Tomato
Natural Ground Lamb, Garlic, Thyme, Shallots,
Cardamom, Cumin, Mint, Seasonal Cascadia Mushrooms,
Creamy Pecornino, Parmesan Cheese Risotto  26

Beef Bourguignon
All-Natural GMO Free Grass Fed Beef* simmered in Red Wine Sauce,
with Local Root Vegetables and Pearl Onions, Over Smashed Potat
and Celeriac Puree 24

Parisian Burger
Grilled Half Pound Grass Fed Beef, Brioche Bun,
Lettuce, Tomato, Twin Sister Peppercorn, White Cheddar,
Sauteed Cascadia Mushrooms, Roasted Pork Belly, and
Demi Glace, Served with EAT Truffle Fries  16

Grilled Pork Chop  GV
Salmon Creek Pork Chop, (Twin Falls, ID), Twin Sisters Bleu Cheese,
Demi, Smashed Celeriac and Garlic Potatoes, Seasonal Veggies  22

Ground Lamb (Umpqua Valley, OR) Bolognaise Over Pappardelle Pasta,
Seasonal Veggies  24

Pappardelle Pasta  V
Local Farms Peas, Fennel, Celeriac, Roma Tomato,
Cascadia Mushrooms, Garlic, Fresh Herb Infused Olive Oil  16
Grilled Prawns (3) and Jumbo Scallops (1)  9

EAT Cioppino  GV
Black Mussels, Savory Clams, Prawns,
PNW Ling Cod & Wild Sockeye Salmon (AK), Seasonal Vegetables,
Saffron Rouille, Artisan Bread  29

Seared PNW Ling Cod and Nueske Bacon
Over Smashed Potato and Celeriac Puree
Garlic and Carrot Puree, Crispy Kale, Cabernet Wine,
Demi Glace  24

Copper River Wild Sockeye Salmon  GV
Crispy Skin-On, Roasted Shallots, Balsamic Glaze
Truffled Kale and Spinach  26

Sides:  V  GV
Smashed Celeriac and Garlic Potato  4
Cascadia Mushrooms, Garlic, Brown Butter  5
Sauteed Seasonal Veggies  4
Creamy Parmesan Risotto  6
Truffled Kale and Spinach  6

Avenue Artisan Bread Basket V
Sea Salt Butter, Olive Tapenado  3.5

Handcraft Seasonal Soup of the Day
EAT Seafood Chowder  GV
Cup  5     Bowl  8

Bibb Lettuce Wedge  V
Honey Dijon Dressing, Nueske Bacon,
House-Made Focaccia Croutons, Twin Sister Bleu Cheese  11

Pacific Oysters Selection (Seasonal)  GV
Lemon, Shallot Mignonette  3.50 each

Cured Meats, EAT House Pate, Pickled Veggies, Cornichon,
Herbed Dijon Mustard, Artisan Toasted Bread  14

Farmstead and Imported Cheeses, Seasonal Fruit Compote,
Toasted Bread  14

Combination of Both
Fromage and Charcuterie Medley  16

Market Salad  V/GV
Seasonal Medley, Mizuna, Arugula, Mustard Greens,
Red Oak, French Herbs, Blueberry, Almonds, Cucumber,
Red Wine Vinaigrette  10

Rock Point, WA Savory Clams and Mediterranean Mussels Mariners  GV
Shallots, Garlic, Cream, Fresh Herbs, Toasted Artisan Bread  14

Braised Pork Belly and Egg Meurette  GV
Fresh Herb Infused Olive Oil, Cascadia Mushrooms,
Demi-Glace, Artisan Bread  15

Heirloom Tomatoes  GV
Local Farmed Greens, White Cheddar,
Pickled Veggies, Kale Vinaigrette  13

Seasonal Chef's Creation of Vegan or Vegetarian Dish Available Upon Request


EAT Home-Made Cacao Barry
Chocolate Chip Cookie  3
Add Vanilla Bean Ice Cream  2

Dark Chocolate Mousse, creme Anglaise  9

Opera Fresh seasonal Fruit Tarte  8

EAT Float (Affogato)
Local Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Pisa Italian Liqueur
Fresh Espresso  8

Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee  8


ASLAN Dawn Patrol Bellingham, WA                 5.75
WANDER American Steam  Bellingham, WA      5.75
DEAD FROG IPA Aldergrove, Canad                6.75
BONEYARD IPA Bend, Oregon                       6.75
CHUCKANUT Pilsner Bellingham, WA               5.75
(subject to change - check with server)
Alaskan Amber                                           5.95
Budweiser or Bud Light                                 4.95
Corona or Heineken                                     5.95
Ninkasi Total Domination IPA                         5.95
O'doul's (Non Alcoholic)                                4.95
Cider Head, Hard Cider                                5.95
Pyramid Hefeweizen                                    5.95
Seattle Cider Co., Semi-Sweet Cider                6
Stella Artois                                               5.95
Trappist Orval                                           8.50
MOS Saison Ale, Blaine, WA                         15.95
Grange Ale, Blaine, WA                               15.95


EAT House Wine Clos de Lumieres, Grenache     7/26
Chateau Freynelle, White Bordeaux, Fr              8/30
Marrenon Rose of Merlot, France                     7.25/28
Watchdog Rock, Riesling, WA                          8/32
Clifford Bay Sauv Blanc, New Zealand               8/32
Tiamo Pinot Grigio, Italy, (Organic)                  9/35
CSM, Indian Wells Chardonnay, WA                 11/42
Bernier Sauvignon Blanc, Fr                            7.50/28
Rodney Strong, Chalk Hill, Sonoma,CA              11/42
EAT House Wine Clos de Lumieres Grenache       7/26
Ramsay, Merlot, North Coast, Napa, CA             9.75/39
Santa Irene Malbec, Argentina                          7.25/28
Drumheller Cab Sauvignon, WA                         8.50/32
Rive Droite, rive gauche, Cotes-du-Rhone,Fr       8/30
Z. Alexander Uncaged Pinot Noir, CA                 10/39
The Pundit Syrah, WA                                   11/42
Farmlands Pinot Noir, (Organic), OR                 13/49
Chateau Blaignan, Medoc, Bordeaux, Fr            13/49
Donati Family Vineyard, Red Blend, CA              12/46