EAT Restaurant Bellingham - Farm to Table with a French Twist

Wine List & Liquid Suggestion

EAT's attentive, seductive and hand-picked selection is reflecting Washington mostly, domestic and from
around the world of course.... with a special focus on France!

Our Wine List offers an array of carefully
selected wines from which to choose. 

Enjoy and discover from the expansive world of vin
New World and Old World alike.
Handcrafted cocktails made especially for YOU!  
From local distilleries, interesting bitters and more to your glass.
Cheers, Sante, Prosit, Kampai or just "Chine Chine"...  
Let's hear those glasses clinging together!

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WINE                                        glass(5oz)/btl
Vega Medien Cava, Spain                  6.5/24
Prosecco Cinzano D.O.C. Italy              9/34
Lunetta Prosecco, Italy                 9.75/36
Cremant de Loire, Rose, Brut, France …    11/39
Baron-Fuente Tradition, Brut, France         49
Veuve Cliquot Champagne, France              88

EAT House Wine Clos de Lumieres, Grenache  7/26
Chateau Freynelle, White Bordeaux, Fr      8/30
Marrenon Rose of Merlot, France         7.25/28
Watchdog Rock, Riesling, WA                8/32
Clifford Bay Sauv Blanc, New Zealand       8/32
Tiamo Pinot Grigio, Italy, (Organic)       9/35
CSM, Indian Wells Chardonnay, WA          11/42
Bernier Sauvignon Blanc, Fr                7/28
Rodney Strong, Chalk Hill, Sonoma,CA      11/42
Matthews, Sauvignon Blanc, WA                56
Barnard Griffin Fume Blanc, WA               32
Cakebread Cellars Chardonnay, CA             75
Chateau Montelena Chardonnay, CA             79  
EAT House Wine Clos de Lumieres Grenache  7/26
Ramsay, Merlot, North Coast, Napa, CA  …9.75/39
Portillo Malbec, Argentina              7.25/28
Drumheller Cab Sauvignon, WA             8.50/32 
Rive Droite, rive gauche, Cotes-du-Rhone,Fr8/30
Z. Alexander Uncaged Pinot Noir, CA       10/39
The Pundit Syrah, WA                      11/42
Farmlands Pinot Noir, (Organic), OR       13/49
Chateau Mauvesin Barton 12, Bordeaux, Fr  14/54
Donati Family Vineyard, Red Blend, CA     12/46
Kiona Lemberger, WA                          34
Tamarack Cellars Firehouse Blend, WA         40
Walla Walla Vitners Sangiovese, WA           60
Leon Perdigal, Chateau neuf-du-Pape, France  74
DeLille Cellars D2 Blend, WA                      75 
Obelisco Estates Cabernet Sauvignon, WA      83
Obelisco Estate, Malbec, WA                  79
Walla Walla Vitners Cabernet Sauvignon, WA   85

ASLAN Dawn Patrol Bellingham, WA  5.75
WANDER Uncommon American Steam WA 5.75
DEAD FROG IPA Aldergrove, Canad   6.75
BONEYARD IPA Bend, Oregon         6.75
CHUCKANUT Pilsner Bellingham, WA  5.75
(subject to change – check with server)
Melvin     6.75

Alaskan Amber                    5.95
Budweiser or Bud Light           4.95
Corona or Heineken               5.95
Ninkasi Total Domination IPA     5.95
O’doul’s (Non Alcoholic)         4.95
Cider Head, Hard Cider           5.95
Hefeweizen               5.95
Seattle Cider Co., Semi-Sweet Cider 6
Stella Artois                    5.95
Trappist Orval                  8.50
Mos Saison Ale, Blaine, WA      15.95
Grange, Ale, Blaine, WA         15.95

Fidalgo Bay Organic Coffee
Freshly Ground Drip Coffee       2.75
Espresso, Americano                 4
Cappuccino, Latte                 4.5
Organic Choice Teas                 3
Cock ‘n Bull Ginger Beer          3.5
San Pellegrino, Acqua Panna
Perrier, Badoit                  4

Barnard Griffin Syrah Port, WA                 8
Barros Porto,10 Year Old, Tawny               10
Presidential Porto, Tawny, Portugal            7
2009 Chateau La Brie Monbazillac, France    13/50
Chateau La Riviere Sauternes, France         8/46
Samson Framboise, Dessert Wine, Everson, WA    9
Oro, Hazelnut Dessert Wine, Everson, WA        9
China-China Amer Bigallet, Fr                8

Wine list subject to change according to aviability

Ask your server for vintages. 
A $15 corkage fee will be charged
for outside wine service.
   “Reality is just an illusion that occurs due to lack of wine…”   

Ye-Ye Whiskey Girl
House whiskey, mint, lemon, sugar cube     9
Zou Bisou Bisou
Bellwood Gin, fresh mudded oranges, mint, simple syrup, soda           9
Bonnie & Clyde
Rye, Disaronno Amoretto,Cock & Bull Ginger Beer            11

Le Vieux Carre 
Bulleit Rye, Cognac, Sweet Vermouth, Benedictine, Angostura bitters, Peychaud's bitters       10
House Tequila, Chambord, Triple se, lime juice, agave          10
Je T‘Aime
Campari, Edelflower, grapefruit, simple syrup    10

Hot to Trot 
Jalapeño Tequila, maple syrup, lime juice, triple sec, Grand Marnier     10 
Laisse Tomber les Filles (Leave the Girls Alone)
Mezcal, jalapenos, grapefruit soda, Peach Schnapps       11
Le Chouchou de la Semaine ( Sweet Heart of the Week)
French Vodka, Crème de Violet, muddled basil, lemon, simple syrup     11